Gears of war 2 review

GEARS OF WAR 2It's humanity’s last stand, again. In fact, you may have already seen the teaser: soul-patched, square-jawed Marcus, in stark hi-res red and black, goes chainsaw to chainsaw with a locust, carving the brute in two from the gut up. "Sometimes death is all you can see," muses his narrative growl. Featuring more chainsaw action (and duels!) than Gears of War's debut, you’ll see and be splattered by death at every turn in November 2008’s sequel to the hugely successful, second-only-to-Halo hyper-violent third-person shooter.

Michael Capps, president of Epic, game writer Josh Ortega, and NECA president Randy Falk (who’ll be releasing Gears figures) must have used “badass” a badass 50-odd times to describe the evolution of Gears’ graphics and game play during the sequel’s panel this Sunday at New York Comic Con. “People seem to really dig the chainsaw,” said Ortega, promising a concentration on the fused chainsaw-firearm, popular for its promise of “blood-spatter” and “blood-curdling scream.” But it's not just enhanced violence you can expect. “More badass cover” will be ornamenting the grounds to offer Marcus protection from fatal fire, and not just the static staples of Gears 1. New “dynamic cover” will be living, moving, and of course, shootable.

The game’s story sees a huge rise in significance with this edition, in time for a slated film adaptation (currently on development). Capps even confirmed that a series of Random-House published novels (in the vein of Star Trek and Halo 3) are a definite. As far as the game, the story takes a backseat to graphic design and interface, as it should, but Josh Ortega has made plenty of adaptations in the way of constructing a plot that you can expect to be fleshed out by aforementioned media. As far as character additions, new hot chick Maria contributes another, sexier angle to the shoot and survive viewpoint Marcus is used to. NECA’s Falk, on hand to discuss the new line of figures, spoke of, in addition to the main character prototypes, a variant “exploding head” locust, conceptualized by a NECA designer with a serious passion for plucking off his locusts from a distance and watching their heads pop. (You can read more on the NECA toys here.

While super-intricate and high-res character design means you may only see a one to a few foes at a time, game play doesn’t demand more, as duels reign supreme. You can expect scenes that meet and top the Gears 1’s famous berserker boss fight, and super weapons that do the same. Maybe most significantly, while the prudent panelists could not at this stage confirm, Epic’s track record deems it more than reasonable to expect tons of future downloadable content. Badass.