MYST review

Wizard Universe gives you the top five reasons to pick up the DS version of the classic point and click puzzler.

THE TOP FIVE REASONS TO PLAY MYST ON NINTENDO DS5) Nostalgia—Every hardcore PC gamer has played Myst, and fondly remembers placing their hand onto each of the books to go to stunningly rendered worlds. Myst DS brings back that initial feeling of wonder, paying respects to the excellent universe of the past.

4) Touching is good.—Myst DS allows for a more tactile experience using the DS’s touch screen to make the experience even more hands-on than the original, utilizing the stylus and touch screen to look around, pull levers, open doors, press buttons, and pick up items. You won’t find a more physically involved version of Myst anywhere else.

3) Rime and Reason—If you Myst’d out on Real Myst for the PC, fear not! The excellent addition of the Rime age has been added to Myst DS for even more puzzle solving fun. This special age brings new life and new challenge to a game that might otherwise become too familiar.

2) Map, Note, and Capture—Finally, Myst worlds have maps! The DS version of the game now includes maps of each world so that the player won’t get as lost while trying to navigate. Tired of toting around a pen and paper to mark critical locations and codes? No problem! Myst DS features a notepad system for you to mark down aforementioned critical information, codes, and sequences to clear each world. If that isn’t enough, Myst DS also boasts the ability to use screen capture to simply take a picture of that pesky code sequence for future reference.

1) Portable Discovery for a new generation—Myst is a timeless game. This DS port allows new generations to experience the magic and wonder of the original Myst on one of the finest systems available on the market. The portability of Myst DS allows new players to discover the awesome majesty of Myst in cars, on airplanes and waiting for a sandwich at the local deli. New denizens to the world of Myst can now experience it as never before at their convenience, instead of at the mercy of a giant computer tower.