Cataclysm  strategy review

I like fishing. I admit it. I used to like fishing when I was a kid on a lake with a small Kmart fishing pole. And for similar reasons I like fishing in WoW. To me there’s very little sport to either one but I find it appealing in small amounts. In fact, there’s little mess in WoW. No guts, no cold weather, no early wakeups to beat the sunrise. So I probably enjoy it more. All that nature and fresh air crap is easier to get by going for a hike. No gear involved. I think WoW fishing is very similar. There’s no real point to it. Sure there are items you can sell. There is food you can make. But if that’s your goal, you can easily do it through wiping out one of the local villages or farming some of the local livestock. In WAR, you could even play scenarios and make sure to loot the other players you kill.

No, WoW fishing is a funny item. When evaluating these games, it goes to the depth and breadth of the game. There are little things that matter in an MMO. I think that’s what this post is really about.The little things that each game has chosen, forgotten or not quite gotten around to yet.